The Art of Storytelling and why it is so important for creative people


emmaus-caravaggioPeople like stories. People tell stories when they are with other people. People like to listen to stories others tell them. When people are not engaged in conversations with others, they look around to find what is happening around them; they search into the newspapers and books to read to find out the latest stories that matters at the moment; they turn on the TV and surf the internet to keep up-to-date.

No wonder advertisers are busy creating the most witty and convincing story lines to capture potential customers. Simply shouting loud to buy your products without a compelling scenario just doesn’t do the job.

The love of human-beings for telling and listening to stories goes back a long way in human history. Storytelling was the one of the most ancient and single best way to transfer knowledge and wisdom. In the peacetime, village elders told stories to young people and children. During the war great commanders and generals told stories to boost morales to his soldiers before a desicive battle. Anyone who was on the receiving end of those great stories imbued themselves with courage, pride, and vision with which they identified themselves.

What’s more, if what American psychologist Rebecca Goldstein claims is right, storytelling plays a big roll in engaging people to empathize and raise awareness with people and situations they would otherwise wouldn’t have experience firsthand. It is because a great story captures not only imagination of people but also pursuades audience for a cause. It warms the hearts and stimulates the mind. In times of complexity and multi-facetedness, creativity will only benefit with the time old art of great storytelling.


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